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Aeolian Opus 1492, CA 1921 3/30 Residential Pipe Organ

2000pipe We acquired this organ in 1992 after it was removed from its original location in Louisville , Kentucky. The Hattie Speed mansion in Louisville with its large music auditorium was the center of musical activity with concerts by renound artists , from 1921 until 1985. The organ was removed and stored at Vanderbuilt University in 1989. The organ was completely restored by 1995 and enclosed in two, very expressive chambers in our music room.

The pipes for the Pedal, Great and Choir organ are installed in the left chamber while the Swell organ is installed in the right chamber. The sound of this organ is wonderful. All pipes were masterfully cleaned, revoiced and tuned by pipe masters in Erie, Pa. The Classic Organ Company of Canada installed modern switching electronic to replace the massive (and slower) original electro-pneumatic system used in 1921. (However, the original switching unit has been discarded and not restored.) With this update came a terrific midi system that allows the play of preprogrammed musical arrangements with available instruments to accompany the actual playing organ. We have over 20,000 tunes that will automatically play the actual organ with accompaniment from the midi system (Roland SB-55 and SC-55).

2000pipe Of course the organ plays normally from the three keyboard manuals and foot pedals/with original benchand many, many pipe stops controls just above the organ keys.
Features mentioned on the Availibility and Price List page:
• 30 ranks( with instrument add-ons below), over 2000 pipes, with two expressive chambers,
• 3 manual console
• 116 note and 176 note 10 - rolls player (not installed)- 100 new rolls plus many original rolls.
• midi system for record/playback with over 20,000 midi files

** Not mentioned with this organ as described above but with the 3/30 organ are the following:

  • Chimes (installed and playing) Deagan-25 notes.
  • Wurlitzer 61 note xylophone for theater organ - not yet installed.
  • Wurlitzer full piano stop (original) and restored, for a theater organ - not yet installed.
  • A Theater Organ Toy Counter containing approximately 20 Theater Organ effects that can be operated from the organ console after a board (controls) are installed.
  • A 116- note roll player (built into the console) with 50 rolls of your choice.
  • A restored 10-roll 176-note organ roll player (separate cabinet) with 100 Duo-Art rolls of your choice (brand new recuts)

The organ is FOB, Hockessin, Delaware at its current price. However, expert assistance is available to dismantle, remove, ship and reinstall the organ(in the US ONLY-Buyers expense).. Perhaps arrangements can be made(with this expert) for assistance at other locations., (if desired.). Any retuning of organ (and that will likely be needed) could be done in your area by your organ experts. If you wished the full expression from the organ, two chambers (perhaps separated by a partition) would be satisfactory. Currently the chambers are separated by 10 feet of space.

If there is further interest in this piece, videotapes of the sections of the organ and its performances could be provided as well as a CD with a $100 refundable deposit..

Beyond that, might I recommend a personal inspection of this wonderful piece? Among organ, we feel this is a rare find.

This is Inventory Item #90 on the Availibility and Price List.

Updated June 7, 2008